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Parking Lot Sweeping | Day Porter | Trash Removal | Pressure Washing

Corporate Commercial Sweeping, Inc. has been providing parking lot sweeping services to the Atlanta metro area for over ten years. We have a proven track record with a 96% retention rate of our original customer base this reflects our clients’ trust in our services.

Contact us today and we will develop a customized power sweeping program for your commercial or retail property’s parking area.

For each commercial property the scope of our service includes the following:

  • Remove debris and build-up from landscaping islands, parking lot corners & curbing.
  • Hand-blow loose debris in dumpster enclosures and pads on property.

  • Change and re-line trash receptacles on retail shopping center commercial properties.

  • Notification to property manager of illegally dumped items.


Below is an example of the scope of our service on a Retail Commercial property:

Front & Back Parking Lot Areas

We utilize a customized sweeping pattern for your property to ensure that our sweeping vehicle removes cigarette butts, paper, plastic lids, coffee cups, cans, leaves, hair, glass and other debris that accumulates in your parking area.

Store Front & Rear

Our crew is equipped with power back blowers to hand blow all the sidewalk areas located along the store front and the building line in the rear of your center. This removes cigarette butts and build-up of dust and small particles that often accumulate in these areas.

Parking Area Corners, Landscaping Islands & Curbing

No landscaping project can be fully appreciated when there is debris masking its beauty. We hand-blow all the corners, landscaping islands, and curbing of your property’s parking lot to maintain that.

Dumpster Pads & Area(s)

We hand-blow the loose debris around all dumpster areas to ensure a proper sweep by our power sweeping machine. In addition, we alert and will notify you and coordinate with you the removal of any illegally dumped items on your property.

Trash Receptacles

We change your trash receptacles on the nights we service your property. Maintained trash receptacles will enhanced your property’s overall exterior appearance, and eliminate any undesirable conditions caused by over-flow and other poor sanitation practices that ultimately lead to undesirable odors and insects & rodent infestation.

We specialize in power sweeping for the following commercial properties:

  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Corporate Commercial Properties
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Industrial Business Parks
  • Hospitals & Medical Centers
  • Malls
  • Parking Decks & Structures
  • Convention Centers
  • Stadiums
  • Religious Centers
  • Government Buildings & Schools


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